Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BFF Bracelets for Amber

My six-year-old Amber is having a hard time making the transition into first grade. She cried every day at school for the first two weeks and I was beginning to be concerned. It delighted me, though, when she came home from school beaming and said, "I almost cried today, but my new best friend Thailynd helped me be strong. I want to get friendship bracelets for us!". Ah, the power of a good friend. I got all choked up.

After scouring the racks at Justice and Target, Amber just couldn't find a set of bracelets she loved. I had a cute idea in my brain, so we made some instead. Amber was thrilled with the result and I felt like I had finally arrived as a crafter because I had everything I needed to make the bracelets on hand (Amber even told me I had an "awesome bin of craft stuff"). That never happens! I think the little blingy bracelets are adorable and unique and best of all, both girls love them. Would you like to make some? Here's how:

2 chipboard or wood tags
Craft paint
Letter stickers (or vinyl cut on a machine)
Dimensional Magic or Glossy Accents
2 or 3 mm rhinestones
2 large jump rings (approx. 8 mm)
2 eye pins
Fabric (2" wide by 14" long)
Two sets of snap components

Needle nose pliers
Hammer (or snap setting pliers)
Sewing machine

Paint both sides and edges of the tags and let dry (you can also decoupage with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge).

Add letters to spell "BFF" or any other sentiment you choose. Burnish them with your finger to ensure a solid placement.

Use a dimensional product to flood the top surface of one of your tags. If you want to add rhinestones, only work with one one tag at a time so the gloss won't dry before you finish applying the stones. Start by outlining the hole, then outline the tag, and finally fill in the center with an even layer of gloss.

Use a pin and a steady hand to pop any bubbles that may form in the gloss. Then use the pin and your finger (lick it to make a rhinestone stick to it) to place rhinestones all the way around the edge of the tag. Leave a small gap right above the hole to allow space for the eye pin later.

Flood the second tag and add the rhinestones. Try not to get giddy when you see how adorable they look!

Let the tags dry overnight for best results. Meanwhile, fold your fabric strip in half with long edges together and right sides facing each other. Sew a straight stitch down the long edge and turn the tube right side out. Iron the tube flat with the seam going down the center back and cut the tube in half.

Thread a large jump ring onto the center of each tube.

Follow the manufacturer's directions on the package of snaps to set the prong half of the snap at one end of the fabric tube. Wrap the tube around the wrist of the wearer and measure enough length to overlap the snap prong completely. Trim off the excess and set the socket half at that end. Check the fabric tube to make sure it's not twisted when the snap is fastened. If you accidentally twist the fabric like I did, use a butter knife to pry apart the snap components and try again.

Place the eye pin through the hole in the tag. Pull it through until about half of a centimeter of pin below the eye remains above the top of the tag (the tag in this photo isn't painted; sorry to cause confusion!).

Bend the pin so the bottom points up.

Twist the straight end around the half-centimeter stem right below the eye.

When the coil reaches the eye, snip of the excess with wire cutters on your pliers. Bend the cut end around the stem and straighten up the eye so everything looks nice.

Now take your fabric tube and find the opening in the jump ring. Pull it open with your pliers, slip the charm on, and bend it shut.

Strap your bracelets on two BFFs and watch them smile all day long!


  1. These are so, so, so, so, so cute!! Perfect for a birthday present!! I guess I haven't arrived because I only have about 3/4 of those supplies on hand. :) You are my crafting hero!

  2. What a sweet and cute idea. thank you so much for linking up to my party Show and Share! hope to see you again this week!

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