About Me

I've always loved domestic arts. I remember being three years old and having my mom tell me to clean my room. An hour later, she came in to check on my progress and shrieked with horror at the sight of my red finger-painted masterpieces on the ivory carpet and walls. That adventure set me on a path to explore my abilities to create things that make my surroundings pleasant, be it food, crafts, textile creations, or decor.

I've always been a tightwad, too. This characteristic finally proved useful to me when my husband was in law school, we had three children and no money, and the itch to create a simple yet nice life for our family wouldn't leave me alone. I figured out how to make appliqued receiving blankets out of our old sheets, curtains from random, inexpensive fabric remnants and craft paint, and to repurpose hand-me-downs so they felt new for my kids. My cheap-ness has led me to being fairly resourceful which is a skill that I'll always treasure. I really love the challenge of making something fabulous out of the humblest elements.

This blog is a way for me to share my creations. I'm not going for blogosphere stardom; I blog from my smartphone, in fact, and I don't own a camera other than its feeble lens. I have four children, a wonderful husband, and two other jobs that keep me very busy. Perhaps one day I'll be able to devote requisite time to my blog to make it really fantastic, but for now, I'm happy with the way things are working out. Hopefully my projects and tutorials will spark your ideas and inspire you to try creating something for yourself or someone you love. Creative energy is uplifting and exciting for me. I'd love to pass that energy on to you through this small avenue.

Thank you for stopping by Clark and Lily! I appreciate your interest and love to hear from you. Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, or supplement my ideas with yours. I can't wait to hear from you!