Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fall 2016 Collection

I was feeling quite nostalgic when I began my Fall 2016 collection and looked to my high school days for inspiration. I was an orchestra nerd/debate/FHA/skater/cheerleader hybrid with interests all over the spectrum. I used that background to build a collection with some prep school, grunge, athletic, and Gothic vibes and I'm pretty thrilled by how it all came together!

I got to shoot with some incredibly talented people: Jeremy McDougle and Marianne Liljenquist of Lunatic Fringe Salon. Their magnificent creative abilities made this shoot so fun and inspiring! We goofed around, exchanged lots of ideas and opinions, and in the end, came up with a beautiful collection of photos. So without further adieu, here is my Fall 2016 collection:

Look 1

This set is made from a buttery-soft, rayon/poly slub knit and subtly glittered organza. It features raglan sleeves, a deep V back, and a pull-on waistband that all contribute to the sexy, comfortable feel of this ensemble.

Look 2

Vintage lace, chiffon, and PVC pipe make this look both sweet and edgy. This is my favorite combination of pieces from the collection because I'm partial to the baby-doll look.

Look 3

I can't lie: I do have a bit of dominatrix inside me, waaaaay down deep. This top strikes a balance between naughty and nice with a mesh inset in front, a velvet collar, and a subtle-yet-delightful print of the tiniest wildcats. I like to think that I'd wear this top under a jacket so just a peek of that awesome harness could peek out.

Look 4

I originally bought this fabric 16 years ago and waited to use it I thought of the perfect application for it. The lace on top is deliciously soft and the finish on the bronze skirt is so seductive. It moves like a dream and definitely conjures up a slinky, sultry vision of molten metal. I also experimented with sleeve length and shape, creating an elongated, slim fit to draw the eye downward.

Look 5

This look is a collaboration of ideas between me, Jeremy, and Marianne. They were involved in the bodice design, draping, and styling and I feel like it's such a dream! Layers of tulle, lace, and velvet combine to create daring movement, bold lines, and lots of volume.

I have a few other pieces that didn't make it into this shoot that I'll post later; but I'm so excited for these looks to go live. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of these five looks.