Monday, August 15, 2011

Challenge: 7 Skirt Styles in 7 Days

My tightwad personality made an appearance today after I spent several hours cleaning out my fabric bin, so I decided to forego school shopping for my two daughters (well, mostly) and make them a few outfits from my burgeoning stash. They are crazy about skirts and dresses, so I figured it would be fairly easy to whip up some cute, simple things for them to wear while it's still blazing hot outside.

Thus I hatched an idea for a seven-day challenge. School begins one week from tomorrow, so that should give me a realistic-but-tight schedule to finish. I want to make a different style of skirt each day this week, track my progress here, and post tutorials for each one I make. They'll all be based on simple techniques, but hopefully you'll be inspired to try different variations to make your own cute skirts. So wish me luck and let the sewing frenzy begin!

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