Friday, July 8, 2011

Rockin' Baby Love

My dear friend Beth just delivered her sixth, yes, I said sixth, boy last week. She's the hippest, most laid-back mom I know, so I figured her little man needed something equally cool.

I made my go-to baby gift, well-made, large square flannel swaddling blankets (tutorial coming soon!) and jazzed them up a bit with a skull and crossbones and a tattoo inspired version of their last name. I loved how they turned out and Beth was stoked.

I used fusible webbing, some contrasting flannel, and appliqué for the skull and crossbones.

I'm in love with freezer paper stencils. A little fabric medium in plain old craft paint makes the motif soft enough for a baby.

Overall, I think this is a kickin' baby gift with lots of personality!


  1. Love this! Cool enough for any rocker baby!

  2. How did you make your stencil? Did you use a cricut to cut the paper or is that by hand? It looks fabulous! I love that the baby's a Mr. ...Very cool.

  3. These are really cool, I love the whole "tuff guy" attitude on baby stuff. I featured you today on my baby gift roundup as part of my Christmas in July series :)